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Wakanda! Zion! Home!

We can use different words for what is describes:

The feeling of Home, Understanding, Compassion, Trust.
Every Thursdays our Limitless Movement Community comes together after a long week of obligations and recharge our batteries with the energy of each other and dance training in different disciplines to excel in our movement.

➤Warm up: ( 30 min)

calm down
Spine Movement
Cuban Contemporary sequences of stretching
Basic Fundamentals of the body and it's movement in different techniques (classical Ballet, contemporary dance, afro)

➤Choreography: (60 min)

After the Warm Up we practice choreographies of our latest Theatre Dance Production "The Spiral" which includes Contemporary, Afro, Mambo movement.

➤Salsa Shines (30min):

We put our shoes on and we go straight "MAMBO"!

➤Partnerwork (30min):

and to finish it all we do partner work with Technique for both LADIES & GENTS to smoothen and elevate your dancing. The tips you receive are always going to make you understand your dancing better.

If you're looking to train your dancing in different ways and have the space to playfully explore and grow, then JOIN US!
Not sure what to make of all of this?
Come and try-out (for free) the first time

We welcome you in our home with open arms
Limitless Movement Community

Every Thursdays at:

Clifford Studio

Cliffordstraat 38