Move in the Office

We offer in-company training in which we make teams aware through playful exercise exercises of the potential that lies within each team member and how teams learn to rise above themselves through the synergistic power of co-creation.

The focus points can be the stimulation of a positive approach culture, the power of playful collaboration, communication on multiple levels and recognizing your own trigger points and how to reflect on this.

The structure of the training takes place in four phases:

Phase 1

the participants seek confrontation with themselves. They break through the filters behind which they hold strong, but also hide. Through playful exercises in motion they encounter their shame and fears, become aware of their trigger points and dare to show their vulnerability.

Phase 2

after they have been stripped of their filters, it is time to connect with others. Connection where equality, empathy and recognition through vulnerability are leading.

Phase 3

the group will explore. The channels for connection are open. The intentions discussed in advance are leading and are adjusted as required.

Phase 4

under the supervision of a company coach, reflection takes place in which participants discuss the experiences they have acquired and they relate their experiences and are linked to the daily course of events in the workplace.


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