Limitless Movement was founded in April 2017 and was materially influenced by the documentary, ‘Just Move’ by Ido Portal, which fundamentally challenged my prior knowledge on the concept of movement and dance. Naturally, this led me to do further research on the subject - ranging from body movement to afro movement mostly, as the notion of movement has always resonated deep within me, and hence the dedication of my life towards continually understanding, embracing and sharing my knowledge acquired on the art of movement.

I have always had a deep appreciation for The Martha Graham’s and Alvin Ailey’s of this world, who inspired me to understand my body the way they did theirs. Even more so was my desire, as a natural-born educator, to be able to relay this information to others, but not just as a technique, but rather a method which sought to decode movement for it to be easily adopted, thus making movement more accessible, enjoyable and satisfying to others. I knew this was a turning point for me and my career as my experience over the years has shown me that most people fear the concept of dance and movement and are thus often limited in their ability to move more fluidly, as they almost always believe they either need to be professionally trained to call themselves movers, or have a natural talent for it.

It’s a powerful moment when you realize that you love movement beyond just dance. Then dance becomes the playground...
— Michenoelle Provence