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Who am I?

 My name is Mitchell Provence, the founder of Limitless Movement.

I’m a professional dancer for over 21 years in Salsa, Afro and Contemporary Dance. I’ve shared my passion of dance in over 45 countries, teaching in over 175 salsa congresses worldwide. I was living the dream of an artist you can say. No, I wasn’t. But I didn’t know that yet. In 2014 I hit “rock bottom”. I lost my purpose as a dancer. Arts, what always have been a safe haven for me became a burden. I felt stuck. I operated in an entertainment scene but I wasn’t interested in making someone laugh. I want a dialog with the audience and with my students, an emotional connection. I am very grateful for all the chances received all these years from promoters to expose my arts, for students for their trust, but nonetheless, I felt stuck. What I was practicing, what I was perceiving, wasn’t me anymore.

With help of great mentors, I somehow got back on track, that’s what I thought at least. Getting new perceptions but still exercising them in the same place (Salsa -Congresses) became even more of a burden. It tore my soul apart. While being in this dark place, still traveling, performing and teaching all over the world, I got exposed.

I was in Cape Town, South Africa at that time, teaching an Afro Movement Workshop at the MZansi Cape Town Salsa Festival and almost at the end of the workshop a student asked me a question which made me feel naked! Exposed. She asked: Can you move instinctively for us? BOOM! At that moment I got confronted with the fact that everything that I was doing up till this very moment was a lie. I put a song on and started moving. I felt fear in Motion for the first minute, and then all of a sudden, I felt a warmth, I felt a connection, I felt safe. I couldn’t identify this moment. 4 months after this I watched a documentary on IDO Portal - Just Move, which changed my life.

The 19 years of experience in all of these techniques in dance got me stuck in just one perception of dance or movement and it made me realize that there is so much more. I had to de-attach myself from all the knowledge and the image that was attached to that knowledge and completely rewire myself to focus on what truly really amazed me: Movement.

I had to explore. I had to accept, that I had all this knowledge of all these techniques, but I had not much of a clue of movement. And therefore I could never connect to my own identity. Then I founded Limitless Movement, a method that fuses all the techniques that I’ve trained, but shapeless, borderless to have a much greater purpose: connect people to their inner landscape, to their best version through movement.