We are all HUMAN first, MOVERS second and only then SPECIALISTS.”
— Ido Portal

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What is Limitless Movement?

It’s a movement methodology that combines different extractions of dance & movement techniques such as Afro, Yoga, Modern Dance, Salsa & Contemporary Dance, Ido Portal with the purpose to connect the mind with the body. Become physical stronger and mentally peaceful is our goal.

Why ?

In the fast paced society we live in, the importance of connection between mind and body has increased. due to various reasons such as burn-outs, no balance between work & play, anxiety and much more. The conventional outlets of energy such as sports, dance and so on are not completely cutting to the chase. With all the external desires such as steady career, financial independence came more mental and physical stress. Inner peace becomes more and more essential in balancing the external and internal.


Our Mission

Align mind and body through movement

Our Vision

A Community of creative,expressive people co-creating in movement, music and education to excel beyond mental and physical limitations.

Both of the Mission & Vision is sustained by the infrastructure that we go by which uses the Elements to cater and connect to different audiences.



Weekly movement & dance sessions in different concepts

Fire = Action, Willpower and courage.


Dance performances, Theatre Performances, Performance bootcamps

Air = Expression of your intelect


Movement Retreats, Movement in the office, Workshops

Earth = Talents,Resources and Grounding


Live Music in co-creation with Movement in classes, performances and retreats

Water = Emotions, Intuition and creativity.